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A PHP-powered content management system built upon the Laravel framework that grows with you. Have a small weekend project you want to put together with some simple front-end editing tools? No problem. Have a six-month project for your next multi-national enterprise client? No problem.

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So, what is Devise?

Devise is a fantastic addition to the Laravel Framework that gives developers code to quickly get their project knocked out. With an assortment of tools Devise gives developers and customers an amazing experience that can be extended quickly and easily. Even existing Laravel projects can be quickly ported to Devise.

Devise for quick projects that need content management:

We built Devise with the idea that building content management systems for our clients had to be easier than what is currently out there. Clients are looking for something that feels good, is in context, and is easy to use. Devise solves both of these problems extremely well. No more cringing every time your client asks to be able to edit 'just one more thing'.

Devise for more complex projects that require custom logic:

Getting data to your views and from your custom classes can be overwhelming. Not necessarily difficult, but can become incredibly monotonous. Devise handles getting your data to your views and provides an incredibly easy way to push data back to those classes from your views. It’s an incredibly satisfying programming experience because you can focus on your custom code, not the same thing over and over.

Our Feature Set

We have baked in quite a few features into Devise that will streamline your workflow and get your applications out the door faster. We have broken our features into two sections: Content Management Features and Advanced features. Read on to learn a little more about each.

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Basic Features

Dead-Simple, Live-Updating, Zero-Fiddling, Content Management

One of the more interesting features of Devise is the ability to edit a page on the front-end of a website by just adding a single attribute to an HTML node. This immediately unlocks the ability to do live-updates and see your edits in-context of the page without ever leaving the page. Your customers have never seen anything like this and it greatly reduces the amount of development time your team will need to invest in your client’s CMS. Less time, better product.

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Advanced Features

Amazing development workflow to connect your classes to your views lightning quick

Applications powered by Laravel and the open source community can be combined to do amazing things. Our team found that we wanted to dig into that code, the custom code for our clients, more quickly. We didn’t want to fiddle with routes, controllers, and permissions. We wanted a quick way to get to the meat and potatoes. Devise does that. It gets data to and from your templates incredibly easily. It handles semantic permissions in routes or even in templates with ease. Get to your code with Devise.

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'Nuff Said. Let's Get Started

Wow! So you’re eager to try this sucker out already? Well, we have worked very hard to make getting into Devise incredibly easy. We have several options for you to get you started:

  1. You can start a new laravel project and add devise to your composer.json and then run composer update.
  2. You can download a nightly bootstrap that we build that includes all the vendor stuff automatically for you.
  3. We also provide an example project called "Brewers & Beers" that can help you see some of the coding patterns we use. You can check that out here

Robust documentation

Even at this early stage we have worked hard to make the documentation for Devise amazing. We invite you to jump in and check them out. We will continue to work to make it even better so if you have any suggestions please let us know at the Devise Documentation Github repo.

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